Environmental Responsibility

The Label Printers is committed to business practices and policies that reflect its responsibilities as a member of society and a good steward of environmental resources.  In addition to providing a safe workplace for employees and visitors, the company voluntarily participates in important initiatives within both our industry and our community. All of this fits well within the company’s culture of continuous improvement.

Environmental Awareness & Sustainability

As an enterprise engaged in the daily processing of large volumes of paper, plastics, and other materials used in printing, the company is keenly aware of the responsibility we all have as environmental stewards.  We have a long history of seeking ways to minimize the environmental impact of our business.  Our commitment to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle is evident throughout our operations and in the recognition we have received for those efforts.

The Label Printers uses a 100% digital platemaking system that has eliminated the strong solvents and other chemicals traditionally used in this function. We are very proud that platemaking at The Label Printers generates zero landfill waste.

Power Demand Management
Well-lit work areas are essential to a safe working environment and equally conducive to the production of high quality printed material. The company’s willingness to replace lighting systems with more efficient, newer technologies that provide excellent illumination allow us to draw several times less energy from the grid than we did in the past.

Recycling Production Waste
It is inevitable that the production of billions of labels each year will result in trimmings and other unusable by-products and we work constantly to keep those by-products from having a negative ecological impact.  Raw materials like paper and plastics are segregated and collected for recycling.  For things that might not typically be considered waste but have the potential to be discarded because they are unlikely to be used again in production, The Label Printers developed the Take Stock for Education program.

Our Goals & Achievements


We have won prestigious state and industry awards for our “Go Green, Save Green, Earn Green” Program.

Sustainability Policy

The Label Printers is committed to being a good corporate citizen. We will meet or exceed all environmental, employment law and health and safety requirements.

Among our responsibilities as a corporate citizen is to be a good environmental steward. Sustainability is a consideration in all that we do. To that end, we have implemented a sustainability program to ensure that we continuously evaluate all our processes and procedures, identify and, whenever possible, implement practices that minimize our impact on the environment.

We will reduce, reuse and recycle to help us meet these environmental objectives. Where possible, we will reduce (or eliminate) materials that produce unnecessary waste or can be replaced with less impactful process inputs, we will reuse materials that can be used as process inputs for our needs or those of others and we will recycle all the materials we can.

On an ongoing basis, we will identify and implement specific projects that target identifiable areas of improvement and execute those projects to fulfill our commitment to continuous improvement. Through this process, we will ensure that we provide a workplace and environment that protects our employees, our customers and the members of the community in which we operate.

We will ensure the success of our program through:

Training of employees to ensure they are competent and knowledgeable about their health and safety and the impact they have on the environment
Remaining constantly alert for and willing to implement processes, practices and technology that minimize risks to our employees, customers and the members of our community

  • Raising awareness of environmental issues in our community
  • Working with suppliers to ensure that our process inputs help us achieve our goal of having the minimum environmental impact possible
  • Making our customers aware of and offering options to produce products that have a reduced environmental impact.

Although monitoring and management of our sustainability program rests with our Sustainability Team, responsibility for sustainability is vested in all of our employees. I appreciate your commitment to help us be the best environmental steward we possibly can and give you my commitment that we will work continuously toward that end.