Company History

The Label Printers was founded in 1967 by Gerry Chouinard, Don Tade, and Ted Risch. The group had significant experience with New Era letterpress printing and decided to make an investment in their own print shop. From humble beginnings, the group set out to serve the Chicago business community with quality printing services. Over the years, they would add flexographic presses, silk screening, rotary letterpress and digital printing. The original location was 59 East Illinois Street in Chicago with a 1,000 square foot manufacturing space.

Starting out, Gerry Chouinard essentially ran a one-man operation as the other founders’ involvement was mainly as investors. In 1970, Gerry met and hired the man who would become his protégé, Bill Kane. Bill started as assistant production manager and the company’s seventh employee. Owing equally to his own skills and work ethic and the careful mentorship provided by Gerry, Bill was made a partner in the company in 1977, becoming chief executive in 1993.

By the mid-seventies, the company had outgrown the facility in Chicago and moved to a new building in a commercial park in Aurora, Illinois. The company soon outgrew this facility as well, doubling its size in 1985 and then adding a second building in 1996. Today, The Label Printers’ facilities total 94,000 square feet of modern, efficient manufacturing space with plenty of room for continued expansion.

The company has been fortunate through the years to have grown organically by developing excellent long-term relationships with several prominent global organizations. These relationships, along with some additional growth through the acquisitions of Graphic Label in 1998 and Lancaster Press in 2002, have fueled an expanded customer base, market extension, and increased capacity and capability. Many of the press operators and other key personnel who joined The Label Printers with these transactions stayed on and either continue in their roles today or have retired after full careers with the company.

Today, the company has evolved into one of the top label converters in the United States. We still do flexographic printing and have added digital printing, flexible packaging and more. The Label Printers manufactures and distributes custom labels, packaging materials, and packaging solutions to thousands of customers in 25 countries around the world.