Mohawk Mountain Lift Tickets

Pressure Sensitive Ski Lift Tickets/Resort Passes One of the more popular formats for lift tickets is the pressure sensitive adhesive backed style. These are the ones that are attached to the guest’s clothing by peeling off the liner and folding the ticket back on itself with a wicket in between. This style of ticket can be printed in a variety of colors and finishes on natural or synthetic paper or other weather resistant materials. Treatments to accommodate direct thermal, thermal [...]

Say It Ain’t So, Joe – oh, wait, wrong Chicago baseball team

The Chicago Cubs make the playoffs – and counterfeit playoff tickets hit the market[Photo courtesy of Crain's Chicago Business] Chicago media have published articles recently about fake tickets to the Chicago Cubs playoff games.  The Cubs are famously searching for their first World Series win since 1908, and their fans are eager to pay some pretty hefty bucks for playoff tickets.  But many of them are now some pretty hefty bucks poorer after going to the ballpark with their excitement [...]

Knocking Out Knock Offs: Brand Protection & The World of Counterfeits

[An article by Chief of Operations, Lori Campbell, appearing in FTA's April 16 FLEXO Prepress] I think it is safe to assume that I’m not the only one in the converting industry who scrutinizes labels on products and in stores. Don’t you sometimes just look at a print and let out a “tsk tsk” over the poor quality and—admit it—sometimes use that as an avenue to get a meeting with the brand owner? Don’t you wonder how, in [...]

Instant Gratification Drives Consumer Behavior

Click on this link to read some great strategies for engaging consumers.  The sales and customer service staff at The Label Printers can help you with interactive graphics, coupons, and ways to utilize the power of digital printing....bringing more customers to your product! http://loyalty360.org/loyalty-management/june-2013-online-issue/product-promotions-that-drive-customer-engagement-simple-is-good.-instant-i

A Case Against QR Codes in Package Design | Kaleidoscope | blog

This is a great post on the problems inherent with simply slapping a QR code on a package and calling it a day.  QR codes can be a powerful tool for communication between brands and their customers but, like most things, without a clear strategy behind the use...the codes just end up being more noise on a busy store shelf.   A Case Against QR Codes in Package Design | Kaleidoscope | blog.

The Label Printers Sponsors Geneva (IL) High School’s FIRST Robotics Team – the Robovikes

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) began 22 years ago in New Hampshire – and the competition drew less than two dozen teams. Now the program has grown to 2,000 teams competing in 70 regional competitions all over the world, with over $15,000,000 in scholarships available. Teams from Chile, Brazil, China and Israel, among other countries, came to this year’s championships, held in St. Louis. Teams have 6 weeks to build a robot, designed to play a [...]