New Counterfeiting Gallery in D. C.’s Crime Museum

New Counterfeiting Gallery in D. C.’s Crime Museum

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Did you know that there is a Crime Museum in Washington, D.C.?  I didn’t – but I received a Google Alert (subject anti-counterfeiting) about it recently because the Museum just opened a permanent exhibit about counterfeiting, a crime that is increasingly being recognized as one of great impact.  Counterfeiting IS a crime with victims – the lost revenue of legitimate businesses that employ workers who contribute to the “real” economy is gained revenue for organized crime; people who suffer injury and even death due to substandard products such as brakes, and adulterated products such as medicine; counterfeiters’ use of child labor – the victims list gets longer every day.

According to their web site, the Crime Museum was voted the #1 Museum in D. C. (by Metromix subscribers).  Their Mission is:

“To provide guests of all ages with memorable insight into our nation’s history of crime and its consequences, law enforcement, forensic science, and crime scene investigation through a captivating, interactive, entertaining, and educational experience.”

And their “reasons to visit” list includes:

  • The forensic science workshops are actually taught by real forensic scientists.
  • The Museum was given a 4.5 star rating on Trip Advisor and by the Washington Post, both higher than the Spy Museum.
  • The Firearms Training and Police Driving Simulators are the “real deal,” used in police academies for training.
  • The Museum strives for new and interesting content, featuring a rotating Temporary Exhibit and most recently, a new permanent exhibit on Bernie Madoff.
  • Both crime and its consequences are equally represented.
  • Interactive safety questions for children, helping parents to discuss important safety topics are located throughout the museum.

If you visit in person, check out the Crime Museum’s new, permanent Anti-counterfeiting gallery.  The International Anti-Counterfeiting Association (IACC) has partnered with the museum, along with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), to create an interactive gallery that should open people’s eyes to this malignant crime.  Better yet….check out UL’s display showcasing their efforts (and our labels!) in their long, distinguished history of combatting counterfeiting!

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