Mohawk Mountain Lift Tickets

mohawkDo you love shredding down a slope that’s been groomed to perfection? Maybe you are more of a powder skier. Perhaps you love the snow as much as any skier but you’ve discovered that you enjoy gliding on a single wide board better than on a pair of narrow ones. Whatever way you prefer to attack the slopes, there is one thing you need to display to prove you belong there; that is a lift ticket. Have you ever thought about where lift tickets come from? Well, some of the best-looking ones come from The Label Printers!

Recently, The Label Printers partnered with Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall, Connecticut to add some color into their lift ticket system. Founded in 1947 by skiing visionary Walt Shoenknecht, Mohawk is one of the longest running ski areas in the US. One of the many things that make Mohawk special is that snow making started there. In 1948, Walt Shoenknecht engaged a group of engineers to build equipment that would make snow by spraying water droplets into cold air. Nobody had tried it before, but Walt and his team made it happen.

MohawkMTN_Skier_TLPA family oriented resort with programs for all ages and slopes for all abilities, Mohawk came to The Label Printers with a vision for lift tickets that would project the vibrant feeling that exists throughout their operation. “We’ve been using these lift tickets that have really drab colors” explained Trish Morrissey, Director of Guest Services for Mohawk. “We want something that will be exciting and will stand out on our guests on the slopes and especially in the lift lines” Morrissey continued.

Working closely with the Mohawk team and guided by their objectives, The Label Printers produced a series of tickets in five rich, bold colors. “Everyone loves the colors of the new tickets,” shared Mohawk’s Morrissey after they began a new system for shuffling the color to be used each day. “The lift operators are especially happy with the colors because it’s so much easier for them to spot a valid ticket by the color we are using that day.” The team believes that the lift lines move more smoothly with the festive, easy-to-spot colors of their new lift tickets.

Naturally, for an outdoor application such as this one, The Label Printers constructed the tickets with durable, water-resistant materials made to be compatible with the direct thermal printers Mohawk uses. There are options for other types of printers, too. To maximize the number of tickets on a roll, The Label Printers pays special attention to the thickness of the tickets and the liner stock. That was one of the first things the Mohawk staff noticed about their new tickets – along with the realization that more tickets on the rolls means less time that skiers have to wait for rolls to be changed.

We love it when we can help people in fun businesses like ski resorts be even better at what they already do so well. And, we are delighted to have added some color and value to the lift tickets at Mohawk Mountain.

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