Tom Erickson

Plant Superintendent

Like our chief executive, the man responsible for overseeing the manufacture of our products got his start in the label printing business at a young age. In Tom Erickson’s case, it was at age fifteen when he learned to operate both a letterpress and hot-stamping equipment that a neighbor had set up in a garage. That early experience proved to be the start of a successful career the printing industry, one in which Tom has built on knowledge gained in each role he has held.

Today, Tom uses his broad personal knowledge base in leadership of our manufacturing, finishing and shipping functions in addition to overall responsibility for the physical plant. The company has completed many significant technology advances during Tom’s tenure, including the addition of UV inkjet stations to several lines, implementation of important standards and procedures, and the addition of digital printing to the operation. Tom enjoys being in a position to lead a highly skilled and dedicated team in the field to which he chose to dedicate himself so long ago. Tom also loves a challenge and has been known to go to great lengths to accomplish tasks that others believed could not be done in a press line. Have a printing challenge that somebody tells you can’t be done? Don’t believe that until you’ve run it by Tom and his team.