Kevin Crimmins

Strategy & Business Development Director

Kevin once joined a company by approaching a business owner, even though they never had met before, and proposing that the owner should hire Kevin to make the business grow. Kevin delivered on his promise, establishing a practice of looking at good businesses and asking what he could do to make them perform even better. Along the way, that perspective has helped Kevin to drive growth in companies ranging from tech-focused startups to global leaders including Thomson-West Publishing, Wolters-Kluwer and OpSec Security.

Building on his record of success in sales and marketing leadership, Kevin’s journey brought him into a prominent role in the brand protection industry, which is where he met The Label Printers. The Label Printers’ four-decade exclusive relationship with UL, its global distribution prowess, and its adaptation to lean business practices all made the company very attractive to him. For Kevin, the challenge to make The Label Printers even better is right up his alley. His role encompasses leadership of our sales and marketing functions as well as influencing strategic initiatives and other activities of the company.